Trial by Jury in the Court of Public Opinion: Phoenix Reacts to Flag Art Exhibition, Phoenix Art Museum, March 16 – June 16, 1996

A controversial flag art exhibit documenting a period of social upheaval in the United States generated its own local uproar. Over a dozen visits to the show, combined with an examination of the local press coverage, inform this thoughtful, personal reflection on its meaning.

Carita M. Culmer, librarian, Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona

Keywords:  American Flag; United States Flag; Art Exhibititions; Flag Desecration; Flag Controversies; First Amendment Rights; Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Expression; Artists; Artistic Expression; Protests; Veterans; Editorial Cartoons; Public Debates; Phoenix Art Museum; Old Glory: The American Flag in Contemporary Art; William Copley; Think; Ronnie Cutrone; Hate; George Maciunas; USA Surpasses all the Genocide Records

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Carita M.
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librarian, Phoenix College

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